IN reply to the Alan Morris letter (Warrington Guardian, January 16) about Stockton Heath tip.

I am amazed that you think 15 minutes wait on, in your words, at least six occasions, is bad.

I, too, had a lot of post-Christmas rubbish, as did my youngest son’s family.

As he doesn’t drive, I agreed to help clear theirs as well as ours.

Our nearest tip is at Woolston, so I loaded up the boot of my car and went there, waited for about five minutes to move the height barrier (my car is taller than ‘usual’) and unloaded into the various skips.

I then reloaded with more of the rubbish from my son’s house (he has three toddlers, so there was a fair amount).

This went pretty much the same way.

On our next trip, we were informed that they couldn’t accept any more rubbish and I would need a council permit to continue. This was a week ago and the bags of rubbish are still in my yard, getting wetter all the time while I await a reply from the council.

DAVE KNIBB Warrington