IN response to Labour councillor Nick Bent’s letter (Warrington Guardian, January 9) encouraging your readers to join the Labour Party to be able to vote for its next leader is nothing short of laughable.

He says the ‘British public would be prepared to elect as a Labour Prime Minister; a leader who can actually beat the Tories, unlike Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband or Jeremy Corbyn (twice)’.

Didn’t you Nick, fail to get elected twice?

You stood on a ticket in the 2010 general election in support of Gordon Brown and then distanced yourself from him and similarly you did the same thing in the 2015 general election with Ed Milliband.

Nick backed Blairite Liz Kendall in the 2015 Labour Leadership.

Ironically as he announced that he would not stand as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Warrington South in 2017 general election under Jeremy Corbyn, his replacement Faisal Rashid got elected as Labour MP.

Nick also said: “With the exception of a few delusional zealots, everyone knows that the hard left experiment on the Labour Party has utterly failed. Corbyn, Corbynism and the Momentum faction have twice been beaten by dreadful Tory Prime Ministers.

Having betrayed the British people twice, none of Corbyn’s close allies deserve to become leader.”

So out of the leadership candidates who will Nick be backing then as this statement rules out Sir Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Emily Thornberry?

TONY FOX Stockton Heath