I HAVE been making several trips to Stockton Heath tip in recent weeks.

Since Christmas we have had lots of rubbish to get rid of and recycling to do.

And none of those journeys (and I must have been at least six times) have I been able to drive straight in.

Most of the time queues have stretched as far back as Sandy Lane and it has taken me 15 minutes.

Of course all this made me wonder about the future of the tip.

The council has tried a few times to close it in recent years and I am sure it will try again soon and eventually it will disappear and be closed.

But how can south Warrington not have a tip?

It is a basic requirement.

If it is removed, it would be an hour-round trip to to Woolston or Gatewarth. And the queues there would be massive with greater demand.

A new site would be preferable – it is difficult to negotiate and space is at a premium.

But something is better than nothing and this tip must stay in place.