I AND many more motorists are disgusted with the thoughtless cyclists whom have no consideration for their own safety or of others.

I am referring to the many who ride their bikes at night with no lights and dark clothing.

Some unbelievably think that just a light on the front is ok.

Last week three cyclists were riding the full width of the road yet again at night in dark clothing and no lights.

I ask you where is the mentality?

Years ago police used to stop cyclists to do spot checks making sure of lights and brakes etc.

Laws for cyclists need to be enforced before any more get hurt or killed.

When I actually see a cyclist with good lights and high visual clothing, I think fantastic they have got common sense.

How many more of you out there agree with this letter and believe the police need to address this major problem?

I also must add, why do cyclists think that traffic lights are not for them, but just for motorists?

They are a danger unto themselves.

R DAVIES Warrington