WOULD you like to help ensure the Tories do not enjoy another 10 years in Downing Street?

Next week you can join or rejoin the Labour Party and help us to elect a new leader; a leader who the British public would be prepared to elect as a Labour Prime Minister; a leader who can actually beat the Tories, unlike Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband or Jeremy Corbyn (twice).

This invitation is warm and wide: Anyone who supports Labour’s values and goals can join Labour or become a ‘registered supporter’.

You don’t need to have voted Labour at the general election, you don’t need to be a political activist.

You just need to care about the future of our town and our country, and to want the Tories to lose the next General Election.

With the exception of a few delusional zealots, everyone knows that the hard left experiment on the Labour Party has utterly failed.

Corbyn, Corbynism and the Momentum faction have twice been beaten by dreadful Tory Prime Ministers.

Having betrayed the British people twice, none of Corbyn’s close allies deserve to become leader.

Since that crushing defeat in December, thousands of decent people have joined Labour to vote for a winner as our next leader.

You can be one of them.

Please check Labour’s website for details, but act soon. The deadline for new registered supporters is 5pm on January 16. For new members, it’s 5pm on January 20.

Don’t miss this chance to forge a better future.