MERSEYFLOW are chaotic, incompetent and a complete nightmare (Warrington Guardian, December 19).

I have had the misfortune of dealing with them for the past two years. As a disabled driver I am entitled to a concession. I was told that I had to apply online or go to their office in Runcorn.

I am not computer literate and live in Wales and only use the bridge at night. Several fines later and one lump sum of £154, I decided to get them off my back and got the badge.

Several months later I received another bundle of supposed fines. I decided to take them to the road traffic tribunal.

In preparing my statement I thought that I would check if any of the so-called new fines were paid for within the £154 that I had paid. Four of them had already been paid. I don’t know if I have paid twice for all the fines.

I did ask for all information, everything relating to my account.

It was sent to me by email with a password which was only valid for one use. All of a sudden I was told ‘we won’t be persuing these charges’. This only gives you a flavour of the reality.

Take them to the tribunal and ask for all, and I mean all, the details including recorded phone calls.