I REFER to Andrew James’ letter regarding the closure of the Cantilever Bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal on Thursday, December 19 (Warrington Guardian, December 26).

I too was involved in that traffic chaos.

I was travelling from town and approached the bridge from Wash Lane only to find the’ road closed’ signs at the mouth of the junction while attempting to drive onto the Cantilever Bridge.

There were no prior warnings on its approach on any stretch of Wash Lane informing motorists it was closed.

I then had to endure a 40 minute drive along Loushers Lane, Wilderspool Causeway, London Road and Fairfield Road to arrive home.

I then drove from Grappenhall to Chester cemetery to place a wreath on my parents’ grave – a journey that took only an hour there and back.

I dread it when the new housing estate on the former timber yard on Station Road in Latchford later opens.

This traffic chaos will be the norm.