I WOULD like to reply to Andy Johnson’s letter in the Warrington Guardian (December 19).

Admittedly, the election is over, and we are coming out of the European Union.

However, the Liberal Democrats did get it when it came to fighting to stay in the EU, and in my opinion actually understand how democracy works in this country more than many others.

Surprising who else understood it as well. “There could be unstoppable demand for a re-run of the EU referendum if remain wins by a narrow margin on June 23”.

So, who said that, those ‘disgrace to democracy, undemocratic’ Liberal Democrats?

No, it was Nigel Farage during an interview May 2016.

Regarding, ‘listening to the people’ Michael Dobbs Conservative Peer said on Question Time Election Special The Result, suggested that the SNP should do the same, as getting 45 per cent of the vote meant that the remaining 55 per cent who did not vote for them showed they were not an overwhelming force.

Conveniently forgetting of course until it was pointed out to him by journalist Helen Lewis, that the Conservatives only got 43.6 per cent of the vote, which despite being less than the SNP percentage represented a ‘landslide victory’.

Brexit – one rule for some and another for others.

As for ‘there were few more satisfying sights on Friday morning than watching Jo Swinson lose her seat’.

A very strange response from an obviously staunch pro–Brexit supporter, (again in my opinion), considering Jo lost it to a staunch EU supporting, Scottish independence believing (unlike Jo) SNP member.

Be careful what you wish for Andy, you just might get it.