BACK in October I was walking my dog on Westy Park.

In the distance I saw a woman – I will not call her a lady – with a Jack Russell type dog.

The dog came charging towards me ignoring her calling it back.

It was in attacking mode, so I put my walking stick between the dogs to keep them apart.

Both dogs and one lead were wrapped and twisted around my legs causing me to lose balance, I fell back onto the path banging my head in the process.

The woman came over shouting it was my fault for waving my stick, a gentleman who was also walking his dogs saw what had happened and came over.

He agreed her dog had charged over and should be on a lead.

The woman then said if you are going to be like that I’m going. She left me, aged 79, on my back with my head bleeding.

The gentleman who had helped suggested I go to A&E but I needed to go home first.

He walked me home for which I was very grateful.

After six weeks of treatment to my head wound at A&E and Grappenhall Clinic I have now been discharged.

I hope the woman with the dog has a clear conscience and can sleep at night.