I WORK in Warrington, so I had to cross the new Mersey Gateway bridge – which is operated by Merseyflow – because I am HGV driver and my job was over the bridge.

Before I leave for work, I have to pay £20 each week for crossing over the bridge.

I have got all of the receipts for the crossings that were made during that time.

Then I get a penalty charge from Merseyflow for days that I have already paid for.

Merseyflow got Marstons bailiffs involved.

They sent one letter and I explained to them that I have already paid for those days but they just weren’t listening to me.

Marstons sent the bailiff to my front door, where I showed the agent the receipts for what I have paid.

I still had to pay £380, at that moment in time.

Marstons still what money off me – just over £1,000 and keep on sending bailiffs to my front door, which is causing me stress and sleepless nights.

I am worried every single day.

Have any other Warrington Guardian readers had similar issues?