IMAGINE my delight when the blue bins were emptied this week only for a raft of shredded paper from someone else’s blue bin to cascade all over the street and to cover my front garden and driveway.

I called the council and explained and was told someone would come out but they could not do anything to clear up my garden/driveway.

Within an hour a ‘jobsworth’ from the council turned up in his high-vis jacket, but to my dismay he was not there to do any clearing up, just to assess the job.

I did have to laugh when he said that people should not put shredded paper into the blue bin.

He then asked me if I knew who had put this paper into their bin – I had to explain that I am not in the habit of scrutinising my neighbours’ waste disposal habits or indeed going through their bins.

I had thought that littering attracted a fine.

Of course no-one came, hence I ended up clearing away other people’s rubbish left by the council workers from my own garden/driveway despite paying £2,500 council tax each year.

Next issue was the fact that the green bin was not emptied.

I had specifically checked the council website and had it confirmed that December 10 was, for my area, the final green bin collection of the year.

Upon contacting the council the next day, I was told that the website was wrong and there would be no green bin collection and I am stuck with a full bin until March.

What a fantastic service, it is really great to pay for a service and have no come back when the service is not delivered.

The only thing the council employees need to do is give the right information and move the bin two feet to attach to the lorry before throwing the bin back halfway up the street.

This is not a difficult job to do – but I appear to have the most untidy bin men ever, and the council employs someone to go around and look at the litter but do nothing about it.