I RECEIVED a parking fine in Tesco Warrington as apparently I had been there for nearly nine hours on December 6.

The reality is that I went in the morning at 7am to buy petrol, went to work and then came back at 3.30pm to do some shopping.

I’ve got receipts for both purchases and proof I was at work.

Apparently this is something called double dipping, where the camera only registers one entry and one exit.

It isn’t just confined to Tesco, apparently it happens on Sainsbury’s and Riverside Retail Park.

I’ve complained to the chief executive at Tesco as customer services weren’t interested, I’ve also appealed to Horizon Parking.

I just want to make people aware that if they dare to visit the same store twice in one day then they will be fined for the privilege.

Doesn’t matter that I spent £90 in the store that day though.