A EDWARDS spews out the customary Tory/Daily Mail nonsense about Jeremy Corbyn (Warrington Guardian, December 12).

It reminds me of the lies printed about Ed Milliband’s father in 2013. Nothing changes.

It’s a pity de Pfeffel (I prefer it to Boris) Johnson was not given the same examination.

He’s so devoid of any morality. It makes me wonder how anybody with a conscience could support him.

I await with baited breath his first speech on family life.

That should be fun as he may take the chance to find out how many children he has.

His lies, racism, hypocrisy, misogyny and lack of guts speak for themselves.

Politics is politics but we now have a man representing our great country whose values belong in the sewer unlike those of fellow Tories with whom I totally disagree but respect.