LAST week you ran a story about a smoking ban at Priestley affecting the residents of Menin Avenue (Warrington Guardian, December 5).

As one of those residents I have to say that the report barely scratches the surface.

The ban has driven students into our avenue in droves, at times there are 30-plus students on the street and it is not only the smoking but the associated littering, foul mouthed language and general anti-social behaviour that is turning our lives into a misery.

I have emailed the college on four occasions and still had to have a reply.

The last time I was corresponding on behalf of all the residents after we held our first meeting to discuss the situation but again there was no response.

Four of us did get to meet with two colleagues two weeks into the ban but that was in response from us pressing for it. At no point, prior to the ban or since has Mr Grant or his colleagues initiated contact.

IAN STARKEY Warrington