WITH just a day to go to the general election Warrington is now no longer a ‘safe’ Labour seat.

Warrington South has long been a ‘marginal seat’, but Warrington North now needs just a 9.9 per cent swing for it to change hands also.

On some of the major issues Warringtonions both North and South will be thinking carefully.

Will they want to be voting for a party led by a leader who is an avowed Marxist and wants to change our economic system based on free enterprise and a market driven economy and with a limited state control of our public services; to total state ownership and control of businesses and services run by him and his acolytes.

Some of the main issues Warringtonions will be thinking about will be Brexit. Warrington North voted 58.1 per cent to Leave the EU. Yet the Labour Party backed by our two Warrington MPs have done everything in their power to stop Brexit from happening and have now come full circle saying they want another referendum and to get another deal, dragging the process even further until who knows when.

They will be thinking Johnson may not be one they may like as a leader or PM but when it comes to ratings nationally he is far ahead of Jeremy Corbyn who is the most unpopular party leader in history.

A EDWARDS Fearnhead