ON Thursday we have to make a critical decision.

In Warrington South a single vote could be important, as it is a marginal constituency.

Many people are unimpressed with both main political parties, confused and tired at the rolling mess that UK politics has become since the 2016 referendum. Is there a way to make it stop?

‘Get Brexit Done’ suggests there is but it’s nonsense. Yes we could leave the EU in January, but that’s just the start. In less than a year we could be back in a ‘no deal’ crisis if trade talks with the EU aren’t complete.

Simultaneously we’ll be looking to negotiate a major trade deal with the US, who will cheerfully ‘take control’ over many aspects of our economy (anyone think we’ll be able to impose fair taxation on Google, Apple and Amazon?). There will be critical issues involving farming, fishing and the car and aerospace industries. Scotland will be agitating for independence and Northern Ireland will be up in arms about being divided from the rest of the UK.

I’m a member of the Liberal Democrats and they have a great candidate in Warrington South. But I won’t be voting for Ryan Bate.

I regret this, but with our electoral system, that could allow a Conservative/Brexit party MP to win with substantially less than 50 per cent of the vote. Repeat that over the country and you get a large majority of seats, without a majority of votes. This is why a hung parliament, with no overall majority for any party, is the best result in my opinion.

Faisal Rashid has the best chance of winning the seat and Labour’s position is to support a referendum on a renegotiated deal. This is really important: we have to ask people to choose between an actual, planned and costed exit plan and remaining.

There’s no doubt in my mind (as a remainer) that some forms of Brexit could win – although I don’t include Johnson’s. This is the only way to bring an end to this national nightmare and it could be done in less than a year. Start by voting tactically on December 12th.

DAVID MYALL Warrington