MY daughter is a midwife based at Warrington Hospital.

She is due to give birth herself today, Thursday, but only began her maternity leave last week.

Whilst on a visit in Stockton Heath she was issued with a parking fine so she subsequently wrote to the parking authorities, outlining the exceptional circumstances.

She was asked to carry out a home visit at a house in the village but after driving around nearby streets for somewhere to park for 15 minutes, she was left with no option but to park in a road with a single yellow line as the patient needed assistance.

While she was emptying the car of all the equipment needed to take into the visit (baring in mind she is eight months’ pregnant herself) she placed a note on the windscreen to say she was a midwife on an essential home visit. However in spite of the note she still received a parking ticket.

The reply she got paid no regard to her situation and stated that the fine would stand.

She wanted to forget the matter but I was furious.

I would love to speak to the traffic controllers of Stockton Heath and ask them if the midwife, unable to find a parking space and with limited mobility herself, should have returned to the hospital and left her patient unattended?