I REPORTED to Warrington Borough Council in August, via the council website using the appropriate online form, two lots of fly tipping in the Dallam area (bed mattress and an armchair).

I received the usual automated reply stating that they have 30 working days to get this removed.

After eight weeks I requested an update and was told I would receive one shortly.

Two weeks later I sent another request to find out what was happening, I was told that my name and contact number had been passed onto team leaders.

It is now another two weeks and I have still not had any contact from the council, it is an absolute disgrace of a service.

Three months to collect two items and it has still not happened.

If I withheld my rates I probably would have received a court order threatening legal action by now.

What a shambles this council is.

It is alright to spend millions on buying land but we can’t get rubbish removed when we report it within the council guide times.