I WANT to add my concerns over the new Warrington West station.

I fail to see how the timetable suggested does anything to improve public transport in town.

I work in Manchester and currently drive (or more accurately crawl) the couple of miles to Warrington Central to park and then get the train into the city centre.

The new station at Chapelford would be perfect I thought.

Walk there and save that time, cost and pollution of that route.

But there will only be two trains an hour, leaving almost simultaneously. So any problems and I will miss them.

And then returning at the end of the day will again see two trains leave almost at the same time.

Where there is a service almost every 15 minutes to Warrington.

So what incentive is there to use Warrington West?

And all this cost £20 million.

Madness. I wouldn’t mind, but this decision seems to have been made by Network Rail with no interest in Warrington.

The government seems hell bent on HS2 but it actually needs to provide a proper local public transport network to really get the town and economy of the north moving.

I won’t hold my breath.