I PARKED my vehicle in Grammar School Road on the day Warrington Borough Council put yellow lines under the old train line bridge leading towards Station Road and the Cantilever Bridge at the end of September.

I left my vehicle overnight in its parking position.

The vehicle is taxed and has an up-to-date MOT so it is my legal right to park on a public highway where there were no yellow lines.

When I returned to the vehicle the next day at 11.30am, I found that my vehicle had been moved and was sitting on double yellow lines - much to my horror, with a parking fine.

I had not moved my vehicle.

I had not parked on double yellow lines.

When I looked at the double yellow lines, they had been stopped at the ends of where my vehicle had been parked.

And my vehicle had been moved on to the double yellow lines and the lines had been drawn under where my vehicle had been parked.

I have asked the council to cancel the fine but they refuse to do this.

They claim their contractor does not move vehicles.

Well they moved my vehicle.