ON October 17 you published my letter entitled ‘Postal Woes’. I am writing this letter as a sequel to share with other readers.

The following day I received the returned, undelivered package. It shows that on September 9 a postal worker identified as IH attempted to deliver the package to POPLA, PO Box 1270, WA4 9RL.

Postal worker IH claimed being unable to do so because the addressee had ‘gone away’.

I confirmed that POPLA are still at that address. IH had therefore made an invalid excuse.

On October 18 I spoke to the Royal Mail, customer services department and was dealt with by Rob.

Rob apologised for IH’s error and promised both some complimentary first class stamps and an explanation for IH’s error, within 10 working days.

Some three weeks later and nothing had arrived.

I therefore wrote to the manager in charge of the local Postal Delivery Office you, with a request for an explanation by November 15.

In default I stated my intention to involve the media.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, to say that the manager has not had the courtesy to reply.

No doubt other readers will be interested to share this experience.