I AM disgusted with Warrington Borough Council’s policy on missing or stolen wheelie bins.

My black bin was taken on October 31 or November 1 and found burnt out in the local park.

My blue bin was taken on November 4 and has not been found, my daughter phoned the council for me and explained about the black bin and ordered me a replacement.

But I had to pay £25 for the privilege and I must wait two weeks for the delivery.

We found the blue bin on November 4 and my neighbour told me to ring the police who would give me a crime number, which I did. I rang the council with the crime number.

The council told me they no longer recognise crime numbers concerning bins, so I would have to pay another £25.

In the space of two days it has cost me £50 so some yobs can have fun at our expense, these bins have been in the same place for at least 18 years with the car parked up against them.

They would have to be carried down the drive to get them out.

Being an old age pensioner and disabled this £50 makes a big hole in our budget.

Has WBC read the DEFRA guidelines which advises that householders should not be penalised for the theft or damage of their wheelie bins through no fault of their own?

We have paid our council tax religiously with no exceptions in the past 10 years of being pensioners and I understood wheelie bins were included in this.