WITH the pending national election I wonder if Latchford East residents are aware of the boundary changes proposed for Warrington?

Latchford East, being south of the town, naturally sits under the Warrington South MP’s constituency.

However, are Latchford East (this includes Latchford village) residents aware that they are likely to change to come under Warrington North with the proposed boundary change? Were residents consulted about this?

It seems ludicrous given the problems of the south are unique to the location including the Manchester Ship Canal bridges, traffic problems and southern gateway development etc.

Both Latchford West and East are the gateways to the town centre from the south. Being cynical one may wonder if this is about Latchford East historically holding high Labour voting numbers, but this could change.

With increasing building in Latchford East and increased traffic problems I hope whoever is our MP will hear and represent residents’ concerns.

Will residents be personally notified about the boundary change if they happen? When are they likely to happen?

We are still to vote for a Warrington South representative at this time.