LAST week’s Yester Years was about public houses that have shut down.

In the article you mentioned the Star Inn on Longford Street.

In 1947 I was born in the building. When the pub closed it was purchased by the railways and turned into public dwellings.

My grandma (Mrs Bibby) rented from the railway.

At one time prior to 1947 there were 14 people living in the family home. The building itself consisted of six rooms downstairs, four bedrooms (one had a big bath in).

Outside was a long yard, wash house and a toilet then behind them was another yard. Plenty of room for hide in seek.

When we were moving out prior to the building being knocked down my brother and I discovered a large mural painted on the wall near the front door of coloured Star with the word Star Inn across the middle. Happy days.

ALLAN DEAN Warrington