THERE is a war memorial inside the Orford War Memorial bowls pavilion to honour the parishioners of Orford who lost their lives in the First World War.

The land was gifted to the people of Orford by Lord Blackburn in 1923.

There are plans to demolish the Blackburn Arms to build 52 apartments, which show the strip of land used as our access car park, being taken over by the development.

If these plans are passed it will take away the amenities of more than 100 members, mostly pensioners, as they need the car parking spaces.

We have nine bowling teams during the summer and winter indoor teams.

Our club, which is affiliated with W&NCBA and Warrington Catholic league, would not function without the car park.

Should Warrington planning department even be considering taking away our amenities which have been in place for 96 years?

When all over the country councils have been honouring the memory of the war dead.

KEN LEIGH President, OWN