I GOT an election ‘newspaper’ posted through my door from Tory Andy Carter the other day.

Or perhaps I should call it a fake newspaper.

There was so much nonsense in it but perhaps the highlight was the hospital issue on the front page.

Andy, it says, was demanding a new hospital.

Well this is hardly a new idea, staff at Warrington Hospital have been calling for one for years.

And who have they been lobbying?

The Government.

Well perhaps he should speak to his party bosses because last time I checked, the Government for the past nine years in this country has been Tory.

And for seven of those years, we had a Tory MP in Warrington South.

And when Boris Johnson announced plans for new hospitals across the country in September, Warrington was not on the list.

So my two questions to Andy would be firstly, why does he think he (as someone with zero political experience or contacts) will be able to lobby successfully for a new hospital?

And secondly, how is he any different to any other Tory politician who promises everything and delivers nothing?