THE Tory smoke and mirrors brigade came to the fore in last week’s Warrington Guardian with their selective quotes and skewed statistics that portray a completely false image of today’s economy, employment/unemployment figures and general state of the country.

I have a few questions to ask these people who are looking at life under the Cons through rose tinted glasses.

Why, if the Government thinks the country needs the investment it is proposing, did they not invest during the last nine years?

Why over those nine years, did they cut back billions more than they are now proposing?

Also during nine years of austerity poor people, including ex-forces, have been made homeless, sick people have died waiting for hospital treatment, disabled people have had to pay the hated bedroom tax while also having benefits stopped on the slightest pretext, modern day slavery has been introduced under the guise of workfare and zero hour contracts have thrown thousands of families into poverty and forced them to visit foodbanks.

As a consequence of these cuts hundreds of billions of pounds have been saved while, unbelievably, nearly a trillion pounds has been borrowed.

Here’s the big question.

Where has all that money gone?