HOW disappointing it is to see the Labour Party treating Warrington as merely a staging post to advance the careers of Corbyn’s cronies (Warrington Guardian, November 7).

In selecting Charlotte Nichols, a London-based activist and daughter of a trade union General Secretary as its parliamentary candidate, Labour is clearly putting nepotism ahead of local talent.

You have to ask how could Labour not find a sufficiently talented local candidate to represent the people of Warrington in Parliament instead of parachuting in someone with no connections or understanding of our town whatsoever?

Warrington is a science and technology powerhouse full of talented people and it is unbelievably insulting that Labour couldn’t find someone local to represent us.

Jeremy Corbyn likes to argue that Brexit should be taken out of the hands of politicians and we should trust the people to have the final say.

Yet he won’t even trust local Labour members to select their own candidate.

Once again, Labour are taking places like Warrington for granted, treating voters as fools and it’s about time people saw through it.

As for the Tories, well they’re the ones that got the country in this mess – they certainly shouldn’t be rewarded!

ANDY HEAVER Ex Labour councillor