AS we enter into a general election, we really have to look at the sound bite news in the form of myth busters from the political parties.

For example,the Labour party plans to renationalise the railways.

In 2016 the EU approved a package of legislation called the ‘Fourth Rail Package’, which will come into force from 2023.

It basically will allow for the privatisation of the railways in the EU block.

The Labour party wants to take back into the Government’s hands, utilities such as water. Utility sectors are regulated by statutory body and usually in accordance with EU law.

The Labour party wants to strip private schools of their charitable status and add VAT to fees; restrict their pupils’ access to higher education and redistribute their endowments, investments and properties to the state sector.

The European Convention on Human Rights contains a ‘right to property’. This provides the basis for fair compensation when property is acquired by the state.

As members of the EU, none of this can happen. So can Warrington South Labour candidate Faisal Rashid explain how.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath