AS the council has made it near enough impossible to report things on its website, could I ask WBC through the Guardian on behalf of the Cinnamon Brow and Fearnhead residents, why they deem it acceptable to let public rights of way to get into this state?

I am referring to the footpath that connects Aviemore bus stop on Crab Lane to Stirrup Close.

These footpaths are supposed to offer the public a way to move around the two areas of Cinnamon Brow and Fearnhead safely, yet this is now near impossible.

Residents and the rest of the general public are forced to walk in the waterlogged grass or through thick mud.

Parents have to find other ways to walk to their destination as it is no longer possible to walk with a pram.

Not only this but with the very little lighting there already is, it means these overgrown hedges/ trees/bushes conceal the connecting pathways and make it impossible to see upcoming corners and in some places even to the end of the footpath.

This makes residents uneasy about using the footpaths now the dark mornings and nights have arrived.

This has been the case now for two years and the Cinnamon Brow/ Fearnhead area seems to be forgotten about by Warrington Borough Council.

Residents have started taking it upon themselves to trim the hedges which begs the question, ‘what exactly do we pay council tax for?’ Unless WBC wants locals to be walking round armed with hedge clippers and shears, when can we expect something to be done about this?

It’s a shame our footpaths and hedges aren’t made of cast iron or painted gold.

Perhaps if they were, the council would miraculously find £500,000 to keep our area in a usable standard.