IN reply to Warrington South Labour MP Faisal Rashid (Warrington Guardian, October 31) I am correcting his assertions as to what constitutes an ‘economy that is weak’ just because it contracted slightly in August (at 0.1 per cent).

This was mainly attributed to low car manufacturing, which is affecting the world over due to elimination of diesels and introduction of electric.

The strength of economies are assessed over three-month quarterly basis, not just one month in isolation.

A recession is when you get two consecutive quarters with a GDP growth rate that is negative.

The third quarter runs July/Aug/ Sep. In July, the economy grew by 0.4 per cent, in August it fell back as pointed out by 0.1 per cent but the rolling three-month growth to August was 0.3 per cent and has increased for the second consecutive month.

The state of the economy is always calculated on a three-month rolling basis and not just one month in isolation as pointed out by Mr Rashid spinning it as a weak economy.

In fact the Office for National Statistics has said that ‘the better than-expected growth in the three months to August would mean that the economy would have to shrink sharply in September for the third quarter to have an overall contraction’.

Meanwhile the UK economy continues to perform as well as the EU (despite Brexit), unemployment rates are at lowest since the 70s, at just under four per cent.

In 2010 in the UK when Labour left, unemployment was at 10 per cent.

Wages are now growing at four per cent not including bonuses.

State pensions will be going up four per cent this year with the ‘triple lock’.

Inflation is under control at just under 2.0 per cent the BoE target; which is good news for those with mortgages.

Employment itself is at record highs and reached an all time record of 76.1 per cent in December.

The IMF’s recent forecast for GDP growth of the UK in 2019 is 1.5 per cent which is growth in line with the EU, despite Brexit and similar if not better for 2020.

So not so much the doom and gloom our new Labour MP spins, who we can see, voted for the indicative votes for a second EU referendum against the wishes of the majority of Warringtonions who voted to leave the EU and on the Labour manifesto which said it would honour and respect the EU referendum.

A EDWARDS Fearnhead