I HAVE no confidence in the planning objection IT system.

Many people who objected to the local plan and local transport plan have not received any confirmation that their views on the plan have been accepted.

I have been very concerned by reports that the IT system is not fit for purpose and it’s going to be replaced in 2020 which conveniently for the council is after the consultation period for the local plan and transport plan.

Considering the huge number of objections that went in, many people feel the council is not for filling its legal duties because many objections have not been registered on the antiquated IT system or have simply disappeared.

I have no confidence or neither do I trust our shifty council leadership and we should now re-run the whole process excluding the IT system and have it completely open and verifiable by the public.

If it proves that the IT system has failed and the council has broken its legal duty in organising the plan, I’m therefore calling for all the objections to be published so people can check whether their objections have been registered.