I AM frustrated and angry with Hermes.

The fact is no-one can make contact with a human being and their delivery drivers don’t look at delivery instructions and keep placing them in my wheelie bins.

This is totally unacceptable.

I have tried the customer service number but the robot on the phone said I could find most of the answers to my questions online, if you are contacting about anything else please email then it hung up.

Why couldn’t the phone call divert me to an advisor?

I requested that my delivery be sent to my neighbour as I knew I would not be in.

This is probably the fourth time during a year that I have had packages delivered by MyHermes and every time the driver has failed to deliver to my chosen place.

Once again he/she has just been lazy and decided to place my package in one of my wheelie bins again.

I am really frustrated with the bad service Hermes drivers have and I would expect better service.

The likes of DPD go out of their way to make their deliveries be trying other neighbours or if I leave them instructions they actually read them and comply with them.

I have found on their website details of safe places and unsafe places for deliveries and guess what?

A wheelie bin comes under the unsafe delivery location so why every time does the driver keep placing mine or my wife’s deliveries in the wheelie bin when it is deemed an unsafe location?

I hope to God that my suit is not ruined as I need it spotless for my nan’s funeral next week.