I AM not sure politics has ever been any more childish and pathetic than Boris Johnson on Saturday night.

Humiliated (again) and forced to write to the EU for a delay, he refuses to sign the letter and then writes his own letter saying he disagrees.


But should we expect any more from a pompous, privately educated, upper class man who knows little and cares even less about the lives of the people living outside his privileged bubble.

Sadly in all walks of life, sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to.

But you do so with professionalism and good grace.

Especially I would have thought if you were the Prime Minister.

I cannot believe he is acting in the manner I would expect of a fiveyear- old in a reception class.

Perhaps though, they don’t teach manners and respect at Eton.

Just an ‘I am better than you’ attitude that remains with you for the rest if your life.

I cannot wait until there is a general election and this awful excuse for a prime minister can get back to where he belongs.