LEAVERS, remainers, the confused and undecided should all welcome the fact that we finally know what Brexit means.

Not the vague all things to all people fantasy promised by the vote leave campaign n 2016.

But the actual deal made with the EU by those same people – since they are now running the country.

No longer can they complain about the decisions and proposals made by others, they must stand behind their own plans, which can and should be examined in detail.

Apparently, they are not keen on scrutiny, attempting to railroad Parliament into approving them without proper examination.

Fortunately, our MPs declined and gave themselves time and space to do a thorough job.

After all, these details will have an impact for decades. Would you buy a house without a survey?

Of course, it is frustrating that this process has become so muddled and drawn out. It has damaged and divided our country and recovery will be hard.

Of course it is tempting to think that the deal means an end to the Brexit agony, although we are probably not even halfway through, even if Johnson’s deal had been blindly waved through.

But we have to start with a careful analysis and finish, hopefully, with a considered verdict by a fully informed people.

DAVID MYALL Warrington