OH dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Patronising Mr Brough (Warrington Guardian, October 17) should recognise this trait.

Moot point, advisory rather than EU in/out referendum of 2016.

Let’s have another referendum, a people’s vote (as opposed to what?) and ask whether the population believed their vote was advisory or a definite in/out choice in 2016.

Based on the evidence of the day after the 2016 referendum of the behaviour of hysterical MPs who did not get their way, us constitutional thickies would conclude the choice was somewhat more than advisory.

The limelight seeking parliamentary popinjays prattling poppycock in the Westminster bubble have sought to frustrate and constantly ‘inform’ the electorate that their job is so hard on this issue.

They, who are so wise, tell us it is a constitutional crisis and moan about prorogation and that no time can be wasted and yet still have a six-week recess and then attend pointless party conferences preaching to the converted.

All this to the detriment of issues that really will negatively impact on future generations and all the species we share the planet with.