HAS Warrington changed for the better? Warrington attracts new business from all over the world and is a multicultural town with a lot to offer.

It has great links to Manchester and Liverpool, and is attracting a lot of money and investment.

But have we sold our soul for this or are we better off?

The more I speak to people, the more I hear people earn more money than they ever have but feel poorer.

As a child I had to work to help pay the bills of a single parent family (I was born in 1978). I grew up on the Cobbs Estate. We had fields we were allowed to play on, we had woods we were allowed to camp in such as Parrs wood now known as Grappenhall Heys Wood.

Grappenhall Heys didn’t even exist when I was growing up so how can a wood that’s older than me be renamed?

I have written to the council but they are not interested.

I have written to my MP but he’s more interested in stabbing his voters in the back over Europe.

At school we had the harvest festival to help the poor in our community. Now Warrington has to have food banks.