WARRINGTON Borough Council has made some very strange ‘investments’ including buying into Redwood Bank owned by a Conservative party donor and becoming heavily financially involved with Stobarts at a time they are in a crisis.

The latest is a purchase of a 50 per cent stake using £18,000,000 of ratepayers money to buy Together Energy.

A very simple search will see this company has been in financial difficulty. Worse than that is that the people of Warrington are now associated with a company that has one of the worst consumer reputations in the industry.

It has a Trustpilot rating of just over two out of five. People have been desperate to get refunds from this company and it has caused real hardship for many including pensioners.

Steven Broomhead is our chief executive and gets more than £140,000 from the rate payers but has now become a director of this company we have a 50 per cent stake in.

He is on the board of many other organisations including Wire Regeneration, a company 50 per cent owned by WBC and Langtree – the developer proposing green belt development outside the local plan.

People in Warrington are fair minded and they will not want to be associated. Just type in Together Energy and look at the reviews. I will leave the final words for a customer who left this review of the company we now own: “An investigation needs to be ordered and Ofgem need to stop a company like this.”