MY husband recently spent time on ward A4 at Warrington Hospital and sadly, the news of his health is bad.

I’m writing this letter because we, the general public, are usually quick to criticise but not so quick to praise.

My husband has never been in hospital before and I have to say that although our stay has led us on a heartbreaking, life-changing journey, from admission to discharge we were treated by everybody with the utmost kindness and consideration.

The ward manager Holly and her team of excellent nurses, who work extremely hard for 12 hour shifts, never failed to care for both my husband and me with kindness and compassion.

Ward A4 is certainly not the easiest ward to work on because of its specialised nature and the nurses did have a lot to put up with from some patients.

Throughout, they remained professional giving care to all patients with the same effort for all despite being unnecessarily criticised by some. The nurses could not do their jobs without the teamwork from the cleaners, porters’, nursing assistants and everyone involved in the day to day maintenance of a busy ward.

Last but not least, the communication from several different teams of doctors was exceptional. Yes, they gave us news we would rather have not had but this was also done with kindness and empathy.

I am a qualified nurse of nearly 36 years and despite the lack of resources the nurses of today face, the basic nursing care is still there and I congratulate them for continuing to provide excellent care under very difficult circumstances.

So, thank you and well done ‘Team A4’ because you restored our faith in humanity.