I WANT to share my recent experience of Royal Mail services.

On August 31 I sent a package by recorded delivery to POPLA.

The postal service failed to deliver the package claiming that the addressee had gone away.

I subsequently confirmed that this was incorrect.

I waited for about six weeks for the package to be returned, but nothing happened.

Therefore, I visited the Holes Lane post office, who could only refer me to Royal Mail customer services department.

This, however, only added to my growing feeling of frustration.

A human being did not answer my enquiry, only recorded messages.

Eventually I established that the package was being returned to sender, but more than six weeks later it has still not arrived.

Undaunted, I decided to visit the Milner Street postal delivery office, where I was referred to a supervisor.

He listened but was otherwise rather unhelpful.

He merely tried to refer me back to the customer services department, but I do not like going around in circles.

I told the supervisor that perhaps the only option open to me, appeared to be involvement of the local media.

He merely shrugged his shoulders at this suggestion.

I am thus writing this letter in consequence of Royal Mail’s uncaring attitude to both warn other readers, but also to learn of other experiences please.

I also invited POPLA to comment upon their opinion of Royal Mail’s service.