THIS is another complaint I am making to Ben Wakerley from Warrington’s Own Buses through your columns although I don’t expect a reply, it is always a spokesperson.

I went to the interchange to catch the 13.15 4 bus to Woolston at 13.05, again it was a no show.

A bus arrived at 13.50 which was the 13.45, why is it that it is always the 4 that is taken off ?

Many passengers need toilets but don’t go in case they miss the bus that could be running late, all other services using the corridor routes into town were running along with out of town routes used by other operators.

On the many occasions that I have been to the kiosk I have been met with a load of feeble excuses like very heavy traffic in Vulcan Village to schools breaking up at noon and on one occasion told by an employee that they caught the bus I waited for did not run although she said she caught it.

In last week’s Guardian Ben made a statement by saying a bus takes more than 30 cars off the road, however due to the poor service we have it puts 30 on the road due to unreliable services.

As Warrington’s Own Buses is council owned, why doesn’t the council have an in-depth look into how it is being run, in line with reducing our carbon footprint – it is in need of scrutiny. It is about time Ben Wakerley realises his position and uses the phrase Harry S Truman used – the buck stops here.