CHECK the Facts series two.

Oh dear, last week a new remainer, Nick Brough, appeared out of the woodwork and implored us to check the facts. Ok, let’s do that. First of all he gives us a clear clue that he is a teacher who specialises in the British Constitution.

Whilst we are one of the oldest democracies we are far from being alone. Newer democracies have learned from ours and possibly benefited as a result.

In particular, I like the simple but very telling opening to many of the American declarations. Three words: We the people.

Ultimately it is the people who are Sovereign. Then there’s another simple phrase for democracy: Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

There’s another even simpler view to consider: Debate, vote, majority vote carries.

Sadly it appears that our politicians have reworded our first definition into: “Government of the people, by people who think they know more than the people, for the benefit of their egos and political ambitions.”

Let’s get back to the facts.

Since I’m guessing you’re a teacher, let’s look at another school subject: history. That’s the study of factual prior events. We no longer have to make assumptions, as did scholars of medieval history.

Since the invention of film and sound, we can see exactly what happened in the recent past.

I’ve just watched Youtube and seen and heard the then Prime Minister David Cameron telling us unequvically that this will be an in out vote.

The decision will be yours, the British people and the Government will respect your decision and implement it. That is a fact.

At no time were we told that the vote would be an advisory one.

Not once did he, or anybody else say we will take your views into consideration.

It was clear cut and categorical.

I think I’m right too, in saying that this position was echoed by the other parties. What on Earth would have been the point of an advisory referendum? All that trouble and cost for nothing.

By the way, I’ve just heard that the Liberals have re written the rules for the FA cup final.

To lift the cup you have to win by three clear goals – 3-2 won’t do it in future, it will have to be 5-2 or the cup will have to spend six months at each club. Liberals...I could go on.