I FEEL bound to write to you after reading the article about ‘unacceptable Twitter abuse directed at a Lib Dem candidate’.

I believe that no-one should have to suffer personal abuse in the way the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate has had to.

However my real concern is the blatant bigotry expressed by this man, who in one breath declares that a Lib Dem majority government would ignore the referendum result – a result supported by more than 17 million people – and attempts to justify this stance by declaring that in the (remote) event of a Lib Dem government, ‘I can’t see a situation where the vast majority of people would expect an avowedly Remain party to be negotiating a withdrawal agreement’.

Then with breathtaking arrogance he calls on the Prime Minister to respect Parliament to ensure the UK does not leave the EU without a deal.

How’s that for double standards!

The voters of Warrington South may well form the view that they do not entertain or vote for bigotry in their representative in our Parliament.