YOUR readers will be aware of our ongoing commitment to disrupt criminals and protect communities in Warrington from serious and organised crime, in particular county lines.

On a regular basis officers are carrying out warrants, making arrests, seizing drugs, weapons and cash and putting organised crime gangs behind bars.

What can often be forgotten about are the victims at the centre of this crime as organised gangs exploit, coerce and manipulate vulnerable adults and children to deliver and deal drugs on their behalf.

Victims are fearful of the gang’s reputation and are often left feeling frightened and bullied as they become trapped in their world with no way out.

Gangs will also force their way into a vulnerable person’s home to use it as a secure operating base to run their enterprise and deal drugs from – this is a term known as cuckooing. It is our priority to keep the most vulnerable people in your community safe and we need the public’s support.

I would encourage your readers to learn how to spot the signs of county lines on our website to keep an eye out for them and to report them to us on 101, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or to their local police community support officer.