I WOULD like to thank the number 25 bus driver heading into town at midday last Friday for his courtesy in making sure that the elderly were given the time they needed to get on the bus and find their seat.

I couldn’t however believe some of the idiots on the road pulling out in front without looking.

When we arrived at the bus stop opposite New Town House two cars were parked in the bus stop on double yellow lines.

One reluctantly reversed around the corner but then was seen abandoned with its hazard lights on and no-one in sight.

When I caught the bus back home, I had a few minutes to wait and needed to find a seat because my osteoarthritic hips were playing up and my shins and knees were in pain.

There were no seats – they had been taken out because in the words of the driver, ‘kids had destroyed them, making them unsafe, so they have been removed’.

Fortunately, the bus station coffee shop was close by and they have great seats.

On another bright note, as I had my camera with me on the day I was able to get a clear photo of the cars parked in the bus stop and pass it onto the police.

I imagine that most people use their mobiles to snap and report incidents like this.