I WOULD like to share with you our experience of hell trying to leave Tenerife Airport on Monday.

Firstly, after receiving an email on Monday morning with information about our new flight details to Manchester and with the chaos in Majorca it prompted us to head straight over to Tenerife Airport.

On our arrival at Tenerife Airport at 12.45am on Monday I noticed that Thomas Cook Condor Airways boards were clearly visible at one of the check-in desks – which prompted me to seek any information on our flight to Manchester.

I was briefly told that Thomas Cook are no longer in existence, and I should go to the Thomas Cook customer service desk.

The English speaking lady at the Thomas Cook customer service desk was extremely helpful, she gave me our new flight information but informed me that the new flight wasn’t guaranteed to leave Tenerife.

This put doubt in my mind, so I asked the question why are Condor Airways not helping UK passengers because on the flight notice board there were five flights heading out with no disruptions.

The Thomas Cook representative said the German business model of Thomas Cook is not obliged to assist the UK business side, which I found appalling.

I then made my way back to the check-in desk where Condor noticeboards were previously visible, only to notice the boards had been moved and hidden behind a support pillar within the terminal.

I was not impressed with this, so I took a photograph as proof because I had made a fuss about Condor Airways not assisting UK passengers.

We were then told Titan Airways would be our carrier for the flight to Manchester with a flight time of 2.55am on Tuesday morning.

To witness the heartache of young children and babies going through this horrible time has an impact on you.

I was chatting to an elderly chap at 3am, who told me he was due to take his tablets for his diabetes but unfortunately had run out of medication.

Once the check in gate had opened, we were then told by officials that the plane provided by Titan Airways was too small to accommodate the number of passengers trying to check in.

After another 30 minutes wait at the check in desk, we were then told Tui Airways would provide an aircraft with a flight time of 4am – destination to Birmingham, then coaches would be provided for the onward journey to Manchester.

It was a heartfelt moment when the pilot announced that the whole crew had come to assist ourselves on their day off.

Thankfully, we finally got on the coach heading to Manchester.

That was our experience with just one flight so it will have been chaotic after that.

But I am disgusted that Condor Airways wasn’t willing to help out UK passengers in the circumstances.