I AM writing to respond to your article on page 2 of the Warrington Guardian (September 12).

Where is Warrington Borough Council getting £18 million (£4 million is loaned) from to invest 50 per cent in a Scottish energy company?

Investment can generate income, but £18 million in one company? Is this wise and best for our town?

Also, how exactly is this going to help people struggling to pay their energy bills, as alluded to by Cllr Mitchell?

In the same article it suggests a climate emergency has been declared. What is WBC doing about it then?

Pollution along any road sprouting from Bridge Foot and other major roads is very apparent in the air and has significant health implications.

What realistic and practical plans is the council putting in place now to help Warrington improve air quality and become carbon neutral?

Please could our elected Labour councillors invest closer to home, stop granting planning permission for carbon polluting industries and excessive housing which increases traffic and invest in building infrastructure.

MISS WOOD Latchford