THE usual smoke and mirrors arguments were out in force in last week’s WG letters page (September 12).

Feigning indignation and telling us that thwarting the will of the majority about Brexit is undemocratic.

However suspending Parliament and lying to the Queen in order to do so is ok as long as it suits the extreme right wing.

Yes the majority, some who believed all the Brexit lies, did vote to leave the EU but how many of them voted to leave with no deal?

The answer is zero.

So democracy is not being undermined it is being fought for as there was never a ‘leave with no deal’ option on the ballot paper.

In 2016 Mr Johnson was singing the praises of the EU saying that none of our country’s problems were caused by them.

A quick change of mind came when plans were announced to close off shore tax loopholes that the ultra rich and Tory MPs and their friends enjoy.

Also the money men in the city stand to make billions by gambling on the fortunes of the pound.

Business leaders in the UK are terrified of a no deal Brexit and fear the operating systems they’ve used for the past four decades will crumble.

The Tories were not prepared to limp through parliamentary sessions without a majority so took steps to subvert democracy.

So let us ditch ‘no deal Brexit’, have a General Election and hopefully we will get a ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ and not a bought and paid for bunch of self centred charlatans.