FURTHER to my earlier letter regarding my safety concerns at The Dell and the sarcasm from some readers requesting more information on the hazards (Warrington Guardian, August 15).

I will attempt to answer as follows:

1. There is a section of boundary wall missing behind which is a 10m steep sided near vertical drop which presents a real danger to young children in particular when walking past this unguarded opening.

I have raised this issue with both Warrington Borough Council and The Woodland Trust who both deny responsibility for re-building this section of wall.

WBC say this part of Lyons Lane is an unadopted road and not their concern. TWT say that there are post within the inside of the wall which is the extent of their jurisdiction.

2. The Dell is a wooded area with a depression with steep sides that are 5m high that present a threat to young children and need attention to either reduce the steepness or erect safety barriers.

3. I have asked TWT for a safety audit which they have not provided despite numerous requests and in fact they tried to fob me off by saying a health and safety consultant had done a survey and concluded the wood was safe. I asked to see the report and again was not supplied with it.

4. I asked TWT for their insurance company to make them aware of my safety concerns and again to no avail.