OUR post bag has been packed this week with your views on Brexit.

Here is a selection of the letters we received this week.

History view

WHEN historians look back at the history of this state (it will no longer be England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales or the UK or Great Britain, but a state of the EU) they will say it started in 2016.

This was when there was a momentous vote, a democratic vote, to leave the said Union.

They will say, back then, democracy started to be destroyed.

Not by the people as they had a democratic right to complain, campaign, protest and voice their opinions.

No, it was destroyed by the self-serving politicians that were elected into power, by those same people that voted to stay or leave, as they ignored the will of those majority voters that voted to leave.

And for what? Money, power, sheer hatred of the people that elected them in to power?

Those politicians who were voted in by the people had lied and cheated from day one.

They had no intention of honouring a democratic vote that endangered their lifestyles.

When they went grovelling back to the EU, any imaginary power they had had vanished.

The UK was treated like an object of scorn and derision.

A country that had even less power, a country that had to pay more to the EU and a country that became the dumping ground for every immigrant/asylum seeker in the world.

Those same politicians lost their power but, by god, they didn’t become any poorer.

They realised, too late, that there was no way back from their actions.

They had no mirrors to look themselves in the face, they slept at night with a clear conscience, so even voting them out of office didn’t matter as they had a pension (a pension that was and still is a lot better than the working man).

These politicians have now come to realise that they have no power as it was gradually eroded over time by the same people that tried to rule everything by might, but figured that it could be done by subterfuge.

So, in the future, the historians may look back and realise that democracy started to fail back in 2016 and for years it was whittled away to nothing.

What will they think of those politicians? Money grabbers, misguided, scared, traitors, idiots.


Hang heads

I REFER to the dishonourable conduct of the 21 Conservative MPs who voted against the Government blocking a no deal Brexit.

These individuals should be stripped of their title immediately and barred from the House of Commons for life.

In addition to this their handsome pensions should be withdrawn.

A bunch of Judas’ and traitors.

May you hang your heads in shame for the rest of your lives.


Wait for vote 

WE now are witnessing a seismic change on the political stage of the UK.

We see the  Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats lining up with the establishment and the status quo, while it is now the Conservative Party which is taking up the cudgels for the working man to seek change.

Aided and abetted by the peers of the realm in the House of Lords; it is the Labour and Lib Dem MPs, along with some renegade Tory MPs, and the aid of the Speaker of the House, who are implementing every trick of parliamentary procedure to overturn the vote of 17.4 million people who had a majority of four per cent, who voted to say they wanted to leave the European Union.

That was the democratic mandate the people gave to Parliament in June 2016, with the promise of ‘no ifs, no buts’.

Warrington had a majority voting to leave the EU.

We were also  promised on both the Labour and the Conservative manifestos in the General Election of 2017, that the result of the EU referendum would be honoured; yet in Warrington, like many other Labour towns and cities, our two Labour MPs elected on that manifesto and promise have done everything for the past three years to thwart that mandate.

In the Warrington Guardian (September 5), Faisal Rashid said: “I will do everything I can to stop no deal Brexit.”

Yes there will be some disruption when we first leave,  there always is when new trading agreements are made. They are being made all the time by businesses.  Why didn’t he declare that when he was electioneering ?

In his piece, he goes on about the thousands who took to the streets to protest against Brexit.  No mention at all of the 17.4 million who said they wanted to leave.   The people of Warrington should bear this  in mind when they come to vote for an MP when they get the next chance.

It now seems that the Labour/Lib/Dem establishment alliance is even thwarting that as they have blocked the PM’s attempt to bring about an early October general election to let the people decide yet again because the timing does not suit their main objective, which is to block no-deal.

Therefore it is remain or surrender.

The people who voted to leave will let the elite know at the next ballot box.

A EDWARDS Fearnhead

Majority ignored

OUR MP (Faisal Rashid) has helped and promoted in Parliament the parity of overseas British people receiving their pensions in line with people in the UK and has championed the reasons for providing 100,000 new social housing homes in the UK, which are to be recognised and applauded.

However, on the important issue of listening to and representing his own constituents, 54 per cent of constituents in Warrington South voted to leave the EU and our MP is not doing as the majority living in Warrington South asked him to do.

WILLIAM J ALLEN Appleton Thorn


HOW are the electorate meant to understand democracy in this country?

MPs voted to give the electorate a referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU.

They said let the people decide. Vote leave won.

MPs then decided to trigger article 50.

Now a vast amount of MPs are blocking us leaving with the opposition taking control of the Government.

While we haven’t honoured or implemented the first referendum result, the Lib Dems are calling for another referendum but stating their position is to remain and ignore the result if it returned a vote to leave.

We have the Labour party stopping a no deal Brexit and only after that has been put into law do they want a general election and if they win they want to offer the electorate another referendum with remain on the vote and their deal with the EU which they won’t vote for.

What must the EU be thinking of us?

Any hard line negotiation has to have the option of being able to walk away, known as an escape route and that threat must be seen as real, otherwise we don’t have any negotiating power.

We now have a position where by if the Prime Minister ignores parliament over stopping a no deal Brexit he could possibly face prison for breaking the law.

What is going on because this is just confusing and chaotic thinking from supposedly some of the brightest and sharpest minds in the country who have been educated at some of the top private schools and Oxbridge.

TONY FOX Warrington

What a mess

HOW are we going to get out of this Brexit mess?

Whichever way you look at it, the country is split 50/50.

Half want to stay, half want to leave.

Even if Labour forms a government, you will get half the people feeling angry and let down.

Just as now, we have half the people feeling angry and let down by a Tory Prime Minister trying to do what he wants.

We have had one Prime Minister trying to use Parliament, one ignore it and it seems neither has worked.

Where does it leave us?

Who knows.

What I would bet on is that despite all the anger and gnashing of teeth, Warrington will still have two Labour MPs after the next election – whenever that may be.

Whether people have any respect for what they say is another matter.


MPs praise

IN the game of who shouts loudest on social media, I have no doubts this will be drowned out.

But a couple of points from the recent games in Parliament.

Well done to the MPs trying to stop a no deal Brexit outcome.

Nobody voted for no deal and nobody voted to be worse off.

And well done even more to the MPs who are trying to stop Boris Johnson from doing what he likes.

We have a parliamentary democracy in this country.

You vote for your MPs, they make decisions during that term and then the people get their chance to give their verdict at the ballot box.

And frankly I can’t see much changing.

For as much as there will be raging Brexiteers predicting MPs getting the axe, don’t forget, half of us are delighted by their actions.

JANET SMITH Great Sankey